Improving Confidence through Better Posture

“As a sales executive, I sell my products and services, but I first need to sell trust. My experience shows me that clients trust people who walk tall with an open, inviting posture. Unfortunately, years of sitting hunched over a keyboard left me with a physical stance more like Quasimodo than an NFL quarterback.

I began working with Ian to open up my posture, stand tall and to project my desired image.  I can confidently tell you – the man delivers. In the 6 months since I began working with Ian, I feel taller. I feel stronger. My stride is longer and many of the little aches and pains I used to feel every morning waking up have vanished.

I emphatically recommend Ian’s services. If you want to change the way you look and feel, he is the man. Also important to me – he does it with a straight, logical, science based approach. I don’t go in for any hippy-woo-woo witch doctor crap, and Ian doesn’t sling it, even if the name of his company kind of makes him sound that way.”


– Zac C

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